PROJECTCLOSURE DATES as of April 20, 2023
ARENAMay 8, 2023 to November 15, 2023
Perimeter Door Replacement - new
Backstage Electrical Upgrades - improve safety
House Lighting Upgrades - more efficient fixtures and dimming capabilities
Performance Grid - improve load capability and safety
Safety Railings - improve safety in working areas
Public restrooms, Backstage Restrooms - upgrade plumbing and fixtures; add family restroom
EXHIBITION HALLJune 15, 2023 to August 7, 2023
Roof Improvements
Air Handling Unit Replacements
Kitchen Upgrades
HAWAII SUITESApril 24, 2023 to October 17, 2023
Upgrades & Moveable Walls
CONCERT HALLJuly 1, 2023 to June 30, 2024
Roof Improvements
Grid Structure Improvements - modernization and improved safety
Back of House Stage Renovation - efficient use of space
Cooling Tower Replacements - air conditioning
Electrical Upgrades

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Wednesday, March 29, 2023
Communications Office: (808) 768-5768

Renovations to Blaisdell Center Underway, Temporary Closures Scheduled

Overhead view Blaisdell Center

Neal S. Blaisdell Center campus.

HONOLULU – Renovations to the Neal S. Blaisdell Center campus facilities are currently underway to provide for timely improvements to address health, safety and deferred maintenance, and to meet current standards of performance. Construction projects are slated for the Arena, Concert Hall, Exhibition Hall and Hawaii Suites meeting rooms. 

The Blaisdell Center, formerly called the Hawaii International Center (HIC), was built in 1964. The Exhibition Hall and Administrative building, including the Galleria and Box Office were renovated in 1992, however, much of the original equipment from 1964 is still being utilized today. 

$43.6 M has been appropriated for capital improvements to the Blaisdell Center. Construction projects will require temporary closures of venues and portions of the Blaisdell campus. “The revitalization of the Blaisdell Center’s facilities is necessary and cannot be delayed,” said Mayor Rick Blangiardi. “Blaisdell plays a very significant role in the community as it has provided a complex for a multitude of events for almost 60 years, including live concerts, sports tournaments, graduations, Broadway shows, song and hula competitions, and annual trade shows and expos. We ask for the public’s patience and understanding as we launch an improvement initiative to ensure this special place is maintained so we can continue to house a diversity of events and create new long- lasting memories going forward.” 

Planned construction details and temporary closure dates for each facility are as follows:


Improvements to the Arena will: address increased performance loading of the structural grid and safety railings, replace the perimeter doors, renovate public restrooms (to include addition of family restrooms), renovate performers’ dressing rooms, and make electrical and house lighting upgrades.

Anticipated closure dates:       May to November 2023

Exhibition Hall/Hawaii Suites

Construction in the Exhibition Hall will provide for: replacement of the air handling units, roof improvements, complete renovation of the Hawaii Suites, telecommunication infrastructure, and renovations to the concession kitchen.

Anticipated closure dates for the Exhibition Hall:     July to August 2023

Anticipated closure dates for the Hawaii Suites:        April to October 2023

Concert Hall

Construction projects for the Concert Hall will address: improvements to the above-stage performance grid structure, repair areas of spalling concrete, replace exterior roofs, replace cooling towers for air conditioning, provide for fire system and electrical upgrades, and back of house stage renovations.

Anticipated Closure dates:      July 2023 to June 30, 2024


In addition to the back-of-house projects listed above, campus-wide improvements to public areas are scheduled to include walkway lighting upgrades, paving of deteriorated areas of the parking lot, adding a telecommunication infrastructure, and new trash compactor facility. These construction projects will not require the full-closure of any facilities but may impact access to portions of the campus.

As bid solicitations for a few projects are currently in-progress with details forthcoming, facility closure dates may be shifted to accommodate mobilization and supply chain schedules. To book an event, the public is encouraged to contact the Blaisdell Center to inquire about venue availability as portions of the Blaisdell Center, and the Tom Moffatt Waikiki Shell will remain open and operating.

The following link provides the most current updates to our facility closure dates: 


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