FAQ Regarding the Vaccination Procedures Here at Blaisdell Center

When can I get a vaccination at the Blaisdell Center?Monday, Wednesday - Sunday. Tuesdays are closed.
How do I get a vaccination at the Blaisdell Center?Please visit https://covid.queens.org/vaccine/ to make an appointment. NO WALK INS.
Can I walk in and get a vaccination?No walk ins at this time.
Where do I register for an appointment?https://covid.queens.org/vaccine/
I do not have a computer. Is there a phone number I can call?Yes. Covid Vaccination Line at 808-691-2222.
Monday - Friday, 7:30am - 5:00pm.
Saturday - Sunday, 8:00am - 1:00pm.
I am registered and I have an appointment, what time should I arrive at Blaisdell?Please arrive no earlier than 10 minutes to Blaisdell Center before your scheduled appointment time.
Where do I enter Blaisdell Center to park for my vaccination appointment?You must enter through the King Street entrance to Blaisdell Center, across from Victoria Street, for your vaccination. These are the entrance booths where you will be asked to show your vaccination registration for entry into the parking lot.
Is parking free to get my vaccination?Yes parking is free.
Do I need to show my registration at the King Street parking entrace to Blaisdell Center?Yes you will need to present your registration, mobile or printed, to the attendant at the booth to be allowed entry into Blaisdell Center.
Where do I go once I park my vehicle or I am dropped off?Please proceed via the walkways to the parking lot side of the Concert Hall and look for the purple stickers on the floor as well as the purple signage.
Where do I sign in/check in for my appointment?Registration tables will be set up on the lanais along the parking lot side of the Concert Hall for registrants to use to sign in.
You will need to stand in the line to be temperature scanned before being placed at a registration table.
Once I'm signed in, where do I go?You will proceed to the Concert Hall via the walkways. Signage is posted for registration/check in area.
Will there be staff on site to direct me if I need assistance?Yes there will be staff to direct you to where to line up and where to wait.
Where are the restrooms located? Can I use the restrooms if I am still in line?Restrooms are available inside the Hall for your use.

If you are in line, please see an ushering staff member who will escort the ladies into the womens restroom. There is a men's restroom entrance at the front side of the Concert Hall side lanai. Staff will let you know where to enter.
Can I use the restrooms once I get my shot?No. You will not be allowed to leave the Observation area once you get your shot and until you are released. Please plan to use the restrooms BEFORE you get your shot.
Can I purchase any food or water at the Blaisdell Center at the Vaccination Area?No. Food and beverages will not be sold and the stands will be closed. Water fountains are also closed due to Covid-19 restrictions and as a precaution not to spread the virus.
Am I allowed to bring my own food and water?No and Yes.
You are NOT allowed to bring food into the Hall.
You are allowed to bring your own bottle water.
I am catching the bus to Blaisdell Center. Where do I get off?The current bus stop fronting the Blaisdell Concert Hall will be reserved for HandiVan pick up only. The bus stop for City buses will be moved 1/2 block South on King Street towards McKinley High School. Please get off at this bus stop on King Street and walk North towards the Concert Hall.
Where is the taxi, ride share (i.e. Uber, Lyft, etc) drop off and pick up?Please enter at the King Street Blaisdell parking entrance, show the attendant your registration, and have your driver drop you off at the curb directly to the side of the Concert Hall near the Handicap parking stalls.