Information about public access and reasonable accommodations for patrons with physical disabilities as defined under the Americans with disabilities act who wish to attend events held in the facilities of the Neal Blaisdell Center and Waikiki Shell.


General: The Blaisdell Center provides barrier- free access to all of its public areas and programs for all patrons with disabilities.

Parking stalls, for those with a valid Parking Permits for Persons with Disabilities, are available close to the entry of each building of the Center.

All patrons may purchase tickets in advance through the Blaisdell Center Box Office, at local outlets, on the internet or by the charge-by-phone service. Tickets for events at the Waikiki Shell and the Concert Hall will also be available for sale at those satellite Box Offices two hours prior to the start of the event. Tickets are sold on a first-come, first-served basis.

Any patron with questions or needing assistance in purchasing tickets may contact the Blaisdell Center Box Office at 768-5252. Other concerns may be directed to the Events and Services Manager at 768-5400.

Accommodation For Patrons With Mobility Impairment

An equivalent viewing area will be provided for patrons with mobility impairment at all Blaisdell Center events. This area allows independent access to concession stands, restrooms, parking, entrances and exits of the facilities. In all cases, chairs will be provided for an accompanying companion of the patrons with mobility impairment. A chair is also available for the patrons with mobility impairment.


Whenever possible, access for the patrons with mobility impairment will be accommodated prior to the general opening of the gates at a Blaisdell Center facility. Patrons with mobility impairment who wish to take advantage of the early entry may do so by approaching the appropriately labeled gate for entry. Ushering personnel will be available for questions and assistance.

All patrons with mobility impairment attending Concert Hall or Arena events may enter through any front gate. For Waikiki Shell events, entry is made through the reserved seating gate located on the mauka (toward the mountains) side of the Box Office. If this gate is closed, entry is through the Main Gate at the turnstile closest to the Box Office. Patrons with mobility impairment attending events in the Exhibition Hall, Meeting Rooms and the Pikake Room may use any convenient entry door. The Kauai, Oahu and Maui banquet rooms on the second floor are accessible by elevators.


The Center provides patrons with mobility impairment with equivalent or higher quality seating, sold at the same price as surrounding seats in the following areas:

  • In the Concert Hall, seating is reserved on the Orchestra level at designated rows.
  • At the Waikiki Shell, seating is unreserved in a lawn area adjacent to the fixed terrace seats and behind the pool at varying price levels.
  • In the Arena, seating will vary with the type of event being presented and the corresponding location of the performance area, but generally is available on the Arena Level at an aisle break, at the seating risers on either side of the stage or at courtside.

The ADA seating spaces are designed to accommodate a wheelchair for any patron needing to stay in their accessibility device for the duration of the performance but is not a requirement. A removable seat is provided to the ticket holder of an ADA seat should a patron prefer not to sit in their accessibility device or does not have an accessibility device for mobile movement.

Any patron with a mobility impairment utilizing an accessibility device is able to store their device in a designated area with the help of ushers should they purchase any seat not designated as an ADA seat.

Depending upon the event, there may be other locations available for purchase at the published price by the patrons with mobility impairment. Information will be available at the main box office of the Blaisdell Center for these particular events


Parking stalls for patrons with mobility impairment are marked in blue according to ADA standards. These stalls are located adjacent to the Box Office, the Concert Hall and in the parking garage at the entry to the Main Concourse.

State of Hawaii parking placards for the mobility-impaired must be prominently displayed on the dashboard or rear view mirror, or a special license plate must be displayed on all vehicles using these stalls. Official out-of-state permits are also honored.

All patrons must pay the required charge when parking at the Blaisdell Center. If a patron is at the Blaisdell Center only to purchase advance tickets, the parking charge will be refunded after validation at the Box Office. The refund may be picked up at the King Street parking kiosk upon exiting.

Auxiliary Aids And Services For Patrons With Hearing Impairment


The Center provides infrared hearing assistive listening devices at no cost to patrons who are hearing impaired in certain venues.

In the Concert Hall, equipment is available, upon request first come first serve, at the main Lobby with the First Aid ushers.

Availability of hearing assistive devices for an Arena event is on a show by show basis. If you are interested in having an assistive listening device at the Arena, please contact the Center at with your name, contact number and the event you’re interested in attending.

Interpreted Performance:

For all events whose primary form of delivery of the performance is verbal presentation, the Department of Enterprise Services will work with the promoter/ presenter to provide one American Sign Language (ASL) interpreted performance of the event. This performance will be selected in advance of the on sale date to allow seats to be held in a special area and will be provided upon a request from a deaf patron who purchases tickets for the ASL interpreted performance. For the purposes of this policy, an advance request for the signed performance shall be made within two weeks from the opening day of sale for the event or in advance of all tickets being sold out for the event, whichever comes first. If no tickets are purchased within three weeks of the on sale date, the seats will be released. If all tickets sell out before the request is made, these seats will be released. Patrons may purchase seats for this performance in the designated area at the lowest tier price available at the time of sale until such time as the event is sold out. Patrons for events which have a sale period of less than three weeks will have up to four days prior to the performance to request and purchase ASL tickets.


Seating for the ASL interpreted performance will be in the front area of seating in a location which will not interfere with the performance but which will allow the deaf patron to view both the performance and the interpreter. In the Concert Hall, seating will be on the Diamond Head side of the Hall on the Orchestra level. Interpreters will be placed by the Department of Enterprise Services in a location in front of the Proscenium Arch or in an area close to the house left side of the stage, which will not interfere with the performance. The location of these areas is subject to change by the design of the show but will be similar to the areas provided at other facilities hosting the same show. ASL interpreters will be selected by the promoter/presenter from the list provided by the Disability and Communication Access Board of active, certified, experienced interpreters.

Service Animals

Service animals, which are dogs that are individually trained to perform tasks for people with disabilities, are permitted at Blaisdell Center and the Waikiki Shell.  The animal’s handler is responsible for the animal’s actions, activities and well-being and for cleaning up after the service animal. Handlers will be asked to remove the service animal from the facility if the animal is out of control and the animal’s handler does not take effective action to control it (for example, a dog that barks repeatedly during an event) or  the animal poses a direct threat to the health or safety of others.  Where an animal is removed from the facility, individuals with a disability should inform staff if assistance is required in performing the function for which the animal is needed.

The Future

The Department of Enterprise Services is committed to improving service and enhancing the enjoyment of events for patrons with disabilities. Assistive listening devices are planned for the Waikiki Shell.